Life changes. So should your payment.

Checklight monitors your car payment for you and tells you when you can save money

How Checklight works

As a Checklight member, you receive the very best in loan monitoring with access to regular payment checks that let you know if your payment is optimal or if it needs to be adjusted. If it needs adjustment, you get a quick and easy loan repair process that can be completed entirely online.


Average customer payment savings per month


Average interest rate reduction after refinance


Average interest savings over the life of the loan


Focus on your car and forget about your loan with our loan monitoring that starts the second you drive home.

Your score is safe

Absolutely NO effect to your credit score during the monitoring period, ever.

Financial Transparency

Our mission is to help you understand your loan and make sure you’re always in the best payment.


Be Informed

Your dashboard will let you know if there are possible payment savings out there. All without the hassle—or the haggle.

Search no more

We do the hard work of checking and comparing and then give you the information you need to make financial decisions on your auto loan.

One platform - One experience

Save your sanity-and your inbox- with our single, easy platform and access to a network of local credit unions and community banks.


Get loan offers from a marketplace of lenders and complete
everything online if payment repair is needed for your loan.

Protect your investment

With the option to insure your loan and cover your car, your money will go further.

Six Months Free Support

Don’t get a loan. Choose the absolute best payment, term, and lender for you.


At Checklight, we work for you

Peace of mind

With Checklight, you always have a 3rd party advocate for the right loan for you

Straight forward

No tricks. No guessing. We show you exactly how your loan stacks up in the current market


No need to visit banks or talk to multiple parties. We handle the whole refinance transaction.

Lightning fast

See offers in 2 minutes. Close your loan and be in your new payment in a week.


Your security is #1


We use 128-bit encryption, the same security major banks use.


We NEVER sell your personal information to third parties.

Checklight. The easiest choice you’ve ever made.

We’re partnering with your preferred dealership to protect your payment from the day you leave the showroom until the time you trade in your car or pay it off. Ready for loan protection?

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